1. Comprehensive Restoration: A Simple Approach for Rotten Orchids

Restoring an orchid with rotted leaves is a straightforward process that begins with the removal of all old planting materials. This method aims to comprehensively address the issues plaguing the orchid, requiring the elimination of damaged roots and cleaning of rotten parts. The approach ensures a clean slate for effective restoration.

2. Onion Peel Solution: Harnessing Antibacterial Properties for Recovery

Utilize the powerful properties of onion peels by cutting them into a liter of boiled water. Allow the peel to infuse the water for four hours, creating a nutrient-rich solution with excellent antibacterial and disinfecting properties. This onion peel solution serves as a crucial element in the restoration process, promoting a quick recovery. After filtering the water, apply it as a disinfectant for the entire plant, ensuring a thorough and effective treatment.

3. Controlled Moisture: Facilitating Reforestation in 3 Days

Following the application of onion peel water, the next step involves placing the orchid in a cool area for three days. This controlled environment prevents the roots from rotting effectively. After this period, with the dried parts now ready, the roots can be reintroduced to water. It’s crucial to maintain a balance, ensuring that the water level just touches the roots without excess. The orchid pot should then be positioned in a dry and cool location to facilitate optimal recovery conditions.

4. Successful Outcome: Healthy Roots and New Leaves in 45 Days

Experience the successful outcome of this method after 45 days of dedicated care. The roots have flourished, showcasing a healthy and robust growth. Additionally, the new leaves have developed, highlighting the effectiveness of the restoration process. This approach offers a practical solution for reviving rotted orchids, providing a foundation for confident replanting. Now, with the assurance of healthier growth, consider replanting the orchid, incorporating elements like pine bark and moss to maintain optimal moisture in the potted plants.